Monday, May 6, 2013

Another book

Here's another book review for you.

Daemon and Freedom by Daniel Suarez

I read these two books awhile back. I was greatly impressed. These are Mr. Suarez’ first books, they will not be his last. At least I hope not. Imagine a cross between Jurassic Park, Star Wars and Terminator with much better writing. I suppose ‘Techno Thriller’ might be the genre. Whatever, it is a fascinating, frightening story (these are book one and two, with the possibility of a third). These are scarier than Chrichton’s Jurassic Park series. The monsters in this case are much easier to activate than prehistoric dinosaurs. This is eBay, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook ,Online Banking, et al on steroids. The overwhelming good accomplished by connectivity is twisted to evil in a scarily believable turn. Granted you have to set reality aside to accept that a dead, evil genius has unleashed the ultimate computer virus, but so much of what it can do is believable. Here’s a new way to dress good and evil and a couple of the most wonderful final show downs I’ve ever read, and I’m old. I’ve read a few. Don’t read this unless you love good science fiction and can abide jargon you only half understand. Fortunately ,there are characters with little tech background who demand explanations and wonderful geeks who supply them. You also need to be able to abide lots of violence and gore (think Terminator and Star Wars variety). Great fun, entertaining, but frightening as Hell itself.

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