Thursday, June 19, 2008

Between Fences

Some time back we had an exhibit called Between Fences. At that time the following poem was
submitted to be part of the display. It's a keeper.

by Jeanmarie Shermer 4-4-8

A leaning post
For a neighborly chat
A perch of safety for
A bird from a cat
The place to hang proudly
A family name
Or to run a stick over
As a noisy game
An obstacle to jump
snitched apple in hand
A divider separating
Parcels of land
A fence can be welcoming
With an open gate
Or a warning of trespass
With an ominous fate
Some fences keep things out
While others keep them in
Many are pristine and white
others rusty and dim
Fences can be a metaphor
A hurdle to conquer each day
A personal victory we scale
When they get in our way
A wall made of people
linking arms to take a stand
Or wounds we mend when
We’ve wronged our fellow man
Its something we’re on
When things are hard to decide
And often we’re jealous of
What’s on the other side
No matter what the purpose
Or where and when they’re found
A fence consists of more than
Merely posts stuck in the ground

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