Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Marjorie Whitwer

A sad note that I want to pass along. Marjorie Whitwer, wife of Raymond A. Whitwer, passed away in San Diego on January 8. She was 83. She had been injured in a fall and was in a coma since January 2.

Marjorie was very instrumental in Raymond choosing to build a library in Tilden, NE She told him that the town needed a library. At her suggestion, Raymond met with the Librarian, City Clerk, Library and Foundation boards and offered us a new library if the city would provide the site. That's how it started.

During the building process, I had the privilege of visiting Marjorie in their home in San Diego in 2000. She was a lovely lady with a quiet, clever sense of humor. Marjorie spent a lot of time in San Diego while Raymond worked on the library building in Tilden. In fact, Raymond was in Tilden at the time I visited San Diego. She joked about the minor repairs needed around her kitchen, which were left wanting while he built buildings. How typical of all of us. Our prayers and thoughts are with her family.

For anyone wishing to send condolences to Raymond, his address is:
Raymond A. Whitwer, 4470 Braeburn Road, San Diego, CA 92116

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