Thursday, April 26, 2007

eBay woes

Not woes, really. Actually, I'm pretty proud. I just listed my first item for sale on eBay for The Tilden Library Foundation. I have spent about a week getting signed up with MissionFish so that the foundation can direct sell as a nonprofit. I'm almost there. Didn't read the directions closely and neglected to fax in one of the necessary documents. If all goes well it should be a done deal by tomorrow. The upshot of all this is that the Foundation will be able to sell the library's excess property items at an online auction sometime soon. Soon, being whenever we can get the items all listed. Have to check into Turbo List, etc. Quite a learning curve for an old lady.

People please check out Jed Marum's website. He is going to be here at the library on May 20. I'll have posters up soon. He is from Fort Worth, TX and the Hall family is so very generous to provide this entertainment free to the public. Don't miss this chance. You'll be glad you came, I assure you.


hella said...

I just signed in for something with an new Googgle account. I am not sure what it is. But I think your articles are awesome!!!
I bet you were looking for a comment from somebody other than me since your article in the Tilden Citizen. Hella

Nanette said...

Dixie - I think your learning curve is going great, and I enjoy reading your posts! This is yet another tool the library uses to keep us all informed. Well done and keep up the excellent work~

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